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Grilled peppers in sunflower oil kg 2 - 6 boxes x CT

Peppers Mazza, chosen among the most beautiful and mature, are then sliced and grilled. Excellent for the preparation of tasty appetizers and delicious side dishes, are good to enjoy with a simple sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chopped fresh parsley.

Grilled aubergines in sunflower oil kg 2 - 6 boxes x CT

Grilled aubergines are different from the classic aubergines in olive oil. In this case, the aubergines are grilled and then seasoned with sunflower oil, oregano, garlic and chilli. They are fantastic and delicious good as a side dish during the year.

Grilled courgettes in sunflower oil kg 2 - 6 boxes x CT.

Simple and genuine, the Grilled Zucchini bring a breath of well-being in your kitchen. Their strong point is versatility: served alone or as a base for more elaborate recipes, always retain their freshness and lightness as well as a top-quality refined taste.

Grilled champignons  in sunflower oil kg 2 - 6 boxes x CT.

Mushrooms Champignons carefully selected, scalded grilled, seasoned and flavored with a spicy note.

Ideal in mixed starters, as side dishes of meat grilled on pizza, on toast, omelets and salads.


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