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Onions borettane in balsamic vinegar vs gourmet ml 314 - 12 pz. x CT.

Borettane onions in balsamic vinegar are excellent served as a hors d'oeuvre or side dish of meat dishes, better the next day and at room temperature: it is one of those dishes that must rest to flavor well.

Sun dried tomatoes in oil vs gourmet ml 314 - Nr 12 pz. CT.

Dried tomatoes in oil, with a strong flavor, are prepared in late summer and can be enjoyed throughout the winter. Dried tomatoes in oil are an excellent appetizer served for example with slices of bread, but can also be used to flavor a first course, a pizza or to enrich different dishes with a more decisive taste.

Mixed mushrooms vs gourmet ml 314 - 12 pz. x CT.

Fragrant mushrooms of different varieties, ready in oil, to be used as a quick and appetizing appetizer. Also excellent as an aperitif.

Pholiota (chiodini Nameko) flavoured vs gourmet ml 314 - 12 pz. x CT.

Mushrooms very well known and easy to find, also because their family can be seen very well in the deciduous forests. The processing does not differ much from that of Porcino. These mushrooms remain very crunchy and have a delicate flavor, excellent for appetizers and side dishes.

Sliced Red hot chili peppers in sunflower oil vs gourmet ml 314 . 12 pz. CT.

The Mazza Peppers, chosen among the most beautiful and mature, are then sliced. Excellent for the preparation of appetizing appetizers and delicious side dishes, they are good to taste with a simple dressing based on extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chopped fresh parsley.

Capers berries in vinegar vs gourmet ml 314 - 12 pz. x CT.

Caper fruits grown, harvested, desalted and put in vinegar. It is a product ready for use. Simple and natural product without additives or preservatives. It does not contain aromas of any kind. Recommended for aperitifs, In salads, appetizers.

Little onions in vinegar vs gourmet ml 314 - 12 pz. x CT.

The little Onions are crunchy and tasty. Delicately preserved in wine vinegar, they lend themselves to accompanying aperitifs and appetizers, to enriching rice salads or to give more flavor to the salad.

Artichokes quarters in oil vs gourmet ml 314 - 12 pz. x CT.

A delicious aperitif, or a quick side dish ... or even a basic ingredient for delicious recipes: this and much more with whole artichokes in seed oil, which bring to the table all the taste of artichokes in an original and crunchy "garment"!

Gherkins in oil vs gourmet ml 314 . 12 pz. CT.

Mazza Gherkins are always fresh and crunchy thanks to the special processing and packaging process followed during production.

Green olives "BELLA DI CERIGNOLA" vs gourmet ml 314 - 12 pz. x CT.

Olives are very nutrients and precious to the body thanks to the balance between the various components such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, fats and, in particular oleic acid that helps to counteract the absorption of bad cholesterol.


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