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Truffled and porcini mushrooms sauce Gr. 500 N.W. - 6 pz. x CT.

Truffles and Porcini sauce, is a perfect sauce created for each type of pasta. Delicious on toasted bread and scrambled eggs. The best will be the classical truffle risotto.

White Truffled and porcini mushrooms sauce Gr. 500 N.W. - 6 pz. x CT.

White truffles, combined with Mushrooms and cream, is one of the oldest and most traditional recipes in Italy. This cream is exquisite on toasted bread, perfect on grilled meat and as a condiment for pasta and risotto.

Truffle sauce Gr. 500 N.W. - 6 pz. x CT.

A truffle sauce aroma intense and strong. The sauce is ready and perfect as it is, and its black color will stand out on your plates.

Just add it to pasta, roasted or boiled mea, or, as the greatest chefs do, use it to prepare snails, trout or roasted filet mignon.

Black truffle extra virgin olive oil "Marasca" ml 250 x 12 bottles x CT.

The illustrious summer black truffle infuses this oil with its well-known and unmistakable fragrance.

Black truffle oil is ideal on spaghetti and meat; and it is perfect for a nice, fancy "bruschetta". What's more, it's a priceless substitute for the real black truffle used in all traditional recipes.

White truffle extra virgin olive oil "Marasca" ml 250 x 12 bottles x CT.

The unique aroma of the white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) brings out all the flavor of olive oil. When used on ribbon-shaped pasta or risotto, first courses  become incomparable. And just a few drops of truffle olive oil on any kind of meat or fish will deliver the final touch to an unforgettable dish.

Truffle Zest Gr. 50 N.W. - 12 pz. x CT.

MAZZA TRUFFLE ZEST is an exciting new seasoning which adds the magical touch of truffle and which
can be used in so many ways. "Truffle Zest" is the first of this kind on the market and is proving to
be a great success. With only 50gr of this new product you can prepare 200 portions!


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